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Kitchen Island

Caesarstone is the perfect surface for your kitchen island, mixing natural beauty with modern practicality. Created from Earth's natural minerals combined with advanced technology, Caesarstone is the ultimate choice for your kitchen island counter and surfaces.

kitchen island

The kitchen island has many uses within a kitchen, whether you use it to prepare food, eat meals, entertain guests or help kids with their homework.  There is no doubt that it is an important feature within the kitchen, often the hub of most family homes.

The kitchen island has to work in harmony with the rest of the kitchen, so whether you use your island mainly for storage, an eating area, or even to house integrated appliances, all of these factors will determine how big the island needs to be.  If you want appliances and sinks in your island you will need a large space, however if it will just be used for casual meals then a smaller space will be required for seating.

green kitchen island

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are non-porous and will resist scratches and stains and is heat resistant.  So the quartz worktops will resist scratches from knives and other utensils while preparing food, stains from spilled food, and other various challenges daily family life has to throw at it.

The latest palettes of quartz colours in our Classico Collection are beautifully neutral – without being dull.  Earthy, creamy, chalky or slatey…such is the sophistication of modern quartz composition that you’re sure to find a colour that will complement your kitchen’s cabinetry and overall colour scheme perfectly. 

latte kitchen island.jpg

So Caesarstone not only gives you the practicality of a solid, durable work surface for your island, the beautiful aesthetics of the quartz surface offer a great deal of longevity which will create a kitchen that looks as great in five or ten years’ time.

Kitchens are anything but static.  The busy nature of this room requires a cohesive design to bring together practical benefits and beautiful aesthetics.  Caesarstone quartz is the ideal material for your kitchen worktop and island.

Desert Limestone from the Classico Collection

Desert Limestone from the Classico Collection.

There are endless possibilites with Caesarstone. Explore the kitchens gallery for ideas and inspiration, and browse the catalogue for the full range of colours and surfaces.

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